Benefits of applying for Spanish nationality

Benefits of applying for Spanish nationality

Many people come to Spain with different objectives and projects. There are people who come for sightseeing, others to visit a family member or friend living in Spain. Other people come here in search of a better future, work, studies, opportunities.

There are so many possibilities that it is not recommended to apply for Spanish nationality with Jd Immigration in all cases. If you know your stay will be short, it’s not necessary. But if you have decided to stay for several years, or even as a place of permanent residence, this may be of great interest to you.

Why is it good having the Spanish nationality?

  • Right to public health.

  • Access to certain public posts and competitions exclusively for Spaniards, such as the National Police, the Civil Guard or the Army, to which a foreigner may not have access.

  • Access to public places for Spaniards, as in the case of the MIR, where the number of resident medical places in the national territory for foreigners is much lower, given the large volume of applicants.

  • Right to participate in general elections. It may be the least important point for many people, but it is one of the benefits of Spanish nationality, as the Spanish constitution dictates. If you like politics, it’s still a point to consider.

  • By including them in the European Union, when applying for Spanish nationality you benefit from all the agreements reached by the countries belonging to them. Such as free movement, residence and work in any state, and access to EU universities. In addition to having the protection and support of European consulates when you travel abroad.

  • Transmit the nationality to your descendants, so that they can also benefit from it.

  • To favour Spanish nationality for your family members, since the European directive states that family members must also be granted the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the member states.

How to apply for it

On the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it explains in detail the different ways of acquiring Spanish nationality, according to each case, who can access it in one way or another, and the procedure to be followed to obtain it.

There are different ways of accessing it, either by origin, those born here, for example;

  1. By option, those who choose it voluntarily;
  2. By residence, those who reside legally for a certain period of time;
  3. By letter of nature, which will be granted by the Government at its discretion through the Royal Decree;
  4. By possession of a state, which will have access to it;
  5. By a person who has possessed and used this nationality for ten years, continuously, in good faith, on the basis of a title registered in the Civil Registry.
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