Is marihuana good for cancer?

Is marihuana good for cancer?

Among the most interesting advances in marihuana, is that for a few years now there has been talk of the benefits of marihuana against cancer, considering that cannabis can be extremely useful for cancer patients.

According to an article where 3 experts collaborated, he said:

Por supuesto, los expertos del sector salud son enfáticos en enfatizar que la marihuana puede ser beneficiosa para los pacientes con cáncer siempre y cuando se use correctamente y exista cierto consenso dentro de la comunidad científica al respecto.

Of course, health sector experts are emphatic in stressing that marihuana (balastro) can be beneficial to cancer patients as long as it is used correctly and there is some consensus within the scientific community on this.

Benefits of Marihuana for Cancer Patients

1. Against nausea

Among the most typical side effects of chemotherapy, nausea and vomiting are a constant. In this regard, research has shown that cannabinoids are useful in reducing these symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy. However, the observations require even more evidence to state this with complete certainty.

2. Cannabis stimulates appetite

One of the most difficult effects for professionals to cope with when caring for people with cancer is that chemotherapy drugs are known to cause anorexia or loss of appetite in people, and this is an effect on the serotonin signaling system.

As a result of this, other studies have found that cannabinoids end up being a solution of interest to stimulate appetite in people, which means that as a means to care for the intake of cancer patients is a valid strategy.

3. An anti-diarrheal agent

Another unwanted side effect of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, which in turn is one of the symptoms of cancer, is episodes of diarrhoea. Remember that this could lead to weight loss, fever, dehydration or abdominal pain.

Analysis of cannabinoid compounds has already shown that they are ideal for reducing the symptoms of diarrhea, therefore, they are a viable alternative for the care of intestines, secretions and generally of this unwanted side effect.

4. Pain reliever for pain care

Typically, people who are forced to undergo chemotherapy will complain at some point of time of pain, which may be in their muscles, stomach, head, or neuralgia.

In that sense, cannabis is regularly used as a treatment for chronic pain and this is not limited to cancer alone.

Why marihuana should be legalised

It is a historic debate within the governments of the different countries of the world. The legalization of cannabis has always been a turning point between politicians and societies. When considering the advantages and disadvantages of allowing the use and sale of this drug, the most widely used in the world with an average of 2.5% of the world’s population – some 147 million people – according to the WHO, the controversy is assured. However, some places have already taken firm steps in this area.

The United States is a clear example of this. As many as 28 of the 50 states in North America have legalized some form of marijuana use, many of them for therapeutic purposes. According to a study published in the journal Health Affairs, since the green light was given to this measure, fewer drugs have been used for chronic pain, depression, nausea, psychosis and seizures, which means less investment in Medicaid, the state system that helps people with limited resources and income with medical expenses.

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